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From A Dropout to The CEO: Dr.Gireesh Neyyar’s Journey of Innovation and Triumph in Ed-Tech

The story of Dr. Gireesh Neyyar, the Founder and CEO of ‘Wayvida’ (Formerly Neyyar App), is an inspiring one. He overcame the challenges of being a high-school dropout to successfully establishing and building two education service offerings, both of which got acquired by a publicly listed company in 2023.

As a man who showed extreme resilience in the face of adversity, Dr. Gireesh Neyyar boasts over 20 years of successful experience in management, administration, academics, sales, and marketing. Forced by life’s circumstances to discontinue formal education during high school; he refused to succumb to his circumstances. Engaging in daily wage jobs for more than a decade, he surged past his higher secondary education as a private, overaged candidate in flying colours. Driven by passion and sheer will, he went on to pursue graduation and thereafter and post-graduation in multiple specializations including literature, law, management, and journalism. These credentials only solidified his intent to cracking the toughest and the highly coveted IAS Mains Exam in India. Several government jobs offer ensued, but he decided to resign from government service to start his entrepreneurial journey.

Dr. Neyyar’s entrepreneurial saga began in 2009 when he founded Talent Academy with an aim to provide quality education for the rural underprivileged youth, eventually becoming a trusted household name for coaching and publications in Kerala for those preparing for state and central government jobs. Originally established as a proprietorship, Talent Academy later evolved into Neyyar Academy Private Limited for coaching, and Neyyar Education Private Limited for publications. Both entities were since acquired by Veranda Learning Solutions Limited, a publicly listed company, marking a significant milestone in Dr. Neyyar’s career.

Central to the discussion is the idea that, Dr. Neyyar is so adept at creating strategic alliances with organizational leaders to align and support key business initiatives. His proficiency extends to building and retaining high-performing teams through strategic hiring, development, and the motivation of talented individuals.

The crux of Dr. Neyyar’s entrepreneurial journey commenced with Talent Academy culminating in the pride of broadening his reach to publicly listed entities. Unwilling to rest on past laurels, he has embarked on a journey to forge impactful new strategic partnerships and nurture alliances to actively shape and revolutionize the landscape of ed-tech in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

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