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Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a seamless learning adventure! Our Intuitive User Interface is designed with ‘YOU’ in mind.

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Leverage advanced teaching tools and technology on Wayvida’s platform.

Seamless Course Management

Simplify the complexities of course management with Wayvida’s user-friendly interface.

Your Brand, Your Identity, Across All Platforms

Get your e-learning platform in a few clicks




Tools For your Success

Empowering Functionalities To Drive Your Achievements.

Customized Website

Your institute, your domain! A tailor-made website under your brand, giving you an exclusive online coaching platform presence.

Android & iOS Apps

Elevate your reach with personalized Android and iOS apps branded with your institute's name. Reach learners on the go!

Marketing tools

Amplify Your Reach:Leverage our powerful marketing tools to promote your courses far and wide. Get noticed, get students!

Sales insights

Data-Driven Success:Gain valuable insights into your institute's performance. Data-driven decisions for unstoppable growth!

Community Building

Connect & Thrive: Foster a thriving community around your institute. Connect students, encourage discussions, and build a supportive network.

Analytics and Reporting

Data-Driven Excellence:Dive deep into analytics and reports to understand student engagement, course effectiveness, and institute performance.

Institute Management

Streamlined Operations: Manage courses, schedules, and resources with ease. Our institute management tools make administrative tasks a breeze.

Data Security and Privacy

Fortress-Level Security:Your data is precious. Rest easy with our state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your institute's information.

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The story of Dr. Gireesh Neyyar, the Founder and CEO of ‘Wayvida’ (Formerly Neyyar App), is an inspiring one. He overcame the challenges of being a high-school dropout to successfully establishing and building two education service offerings, both of which got acquired by a publicly listed company in 2023. As a man who showed extreme resilience in the face of adversity, Dr. Gireesh Neyyar boasts over 20 years of successful experience in management, administration, academics, sales, and marketing….


Why Creators Like


Innovative Tools

Stay at the forefront of creativity with Wayvida's innovative content creation tools

Ease of Use

Say goodbye to the hassle of piecing together multiple tools for your courses and workshops

Credibility and Trust

Wayvida often has a reputation for quality and credibility in the industry. You can benefit from the trust that learners place in the online coaching platform

Customer Support

We offer 24/7 dedicated customer support to ensure uninterrupted learning

Global Audience Reach

Reach a global audience and share your creativity with the world

Marketing and Promotion

Our strategic marketing and promotion efforts benefits Creators to get their courses featured in an online coaching platform crowd

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wayvida?
Wayvida is an educational marketplace platform that connects top educators and institutions with students worldwide. It offers a diverse range of courses across various segments, providing a dynamic learning environment.
How does Wayvida benefit educators and institutions?
Educators and institutions benefit from Wayvida by gaining access to a global audience, a fully white-labeled e-learning platform, comprehensive management features, and the opportunity to monetize courses
What types of courses are available on Wayvida?
Wayvida offers a wide array of courses across different segments, including technology, business, arts, and sciences. The platform supports courses from various educators and institutions to cater to diverse learning needs.
Can I customize my e-learning platform on Wayvida?
Yes, Wayvida provides a fully white-labeled solution, allowing educators and institutions to customize their e-learning platform with their branding, logo, color schemes, and domain integration for a personalized experience.
How does Wayvida support different learning styles?
Wayvida supports both live and recorded class options, providing flexibility for students with different learning preferences. This ensures that learners can access content at their convenience
What management features does Wayvida offer for institutions?
Wayvida includes lead management, timetable management, and institute management features to streamline administrative tasks. This enables institutions to focus on delivering high-quality education.
How does Wayvida help in assessment and testing?
Wayvida supports tests of various formats based on the nature of exams in various courses. This flexibility allows educators to create assessments that align with specific course requirements and industry standards.
Is Wayvida accessible on different devices?
Yes, Wayvida is accessible on web browsers, Android, and iOS devices, ensuring a seamless learning experience across various platforms.
How does Wayvida foster collaboration among creators?

Wayvida encourages collaboration through its community features, allowing educators and creators to connect, share insights, and collaborate on course content. This collaborative network fosters growth and innovation in teaching and content creation

How does Wayvida support different learning styles?
Wayvida supports both live and recorded class options, providing flexibility for students with different learning preferences. This ensures that learners can access content at their convenience


Satisfied Voices: Our Users Speak Out

Mr. Sreekanth
Mr. Sreekanth

Course Director, Viskool IAS

Wayvida has played a crucial role in Viskool IAS's success in providing quality education. Live and recorded class features facilitate real-time engagement and self-paced learning. Institute management tools simplify administrative processes, and timetable management ensures a well-organized schedule. Wayvida's marketing support has expanded our reach, making it an ideal choice for any educational institution striving for excellence.

Mr. Prasanth
Mr. Prasanth

Senior Academic Manager, Talent Academy

I've been with Wayvida for over a year now, and it has significantly streamlined our operations at Talent Academy. The platform's ease of use is commendable for educators and students alike. Student management is efficient, live and recorded classes provide flexibility, and institute management tools simplify administrative tasks. Marketing support has broadened our reach, making Wayvida an invaluable partner for any educational institution.

Mr. Suresh Kumar
Mr. Suresh Kumar

English Teacher

As an English teacher, Wayvida has been a game-changer for my online courses. The user-friendly interface simplifies course creation and management. Live and recorded classes cater to diverse learning preferences, and student management tools help track progress efficiently. Wayvida's marketing support has given me the visibility needed for SSC and Bank Exams preparation, making it a reliable partner in my teaching journey.

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